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Funny Shirts Matter!

I created MyTeeFunny.com to design and sell funny shirts and other gear.  If it makes you smile, share it.  If it makes you laugh, buy it!

Why so much info for an About page?

While some people don't really care, when I try to find out "About" a store where I shop, it pisses me off that there is hardly any information on the store, who runs it and why.  It's like, "Hey, we want you to buy our stuff but you can know nothing about us."  That sucks.  I didn't want to be the same.  If this is TMI, then don't read it all, lol.

      Who I am

      I have a passion for things Tech, T-shirts and figuring things out.  I served in the Marines (Electronic Warfare) and later worked in Silicon Valley.  My experiences as a father, scoutmaster, coach, marriage (and divorce) led me to discover the one true "Element" that ties Life, The Universe and Everything together:

      BULLSH - It's the element 'BS' in the Periodic Table of Life.

      While I won't be getting the Nobel Prize for discovering BULLSH, my tireless efforts for creating funny shirts can always be found here at My Tee Funny.


      How did you start?

        The year was 2004 and my nephew, Nick, wanted to make some T-shirts for some artwork he called "Bugzillion" he created.  I told him he should register the name as a domain and open up a store online to sell them.  He didn't know how, so I registered it to give it to him when he was ready.  Well, it didn't happen.  (I still have the domain, just in case!)

        But it got me thinking about T-shirts, selling online and so on.  In 2005 I came up with the idea of "BULLSH - It Never Stops" and registered the domain, BULLSH.com.  Then I had ideas for lots of other stuff and ended up with over 1,000 domains during the next year or two.  (I only have about 100 now, for the best ideas I have decided to keep and work with.)

        As a Tech guy, I tend to get caught up in the details, processes and want everything to be perfect.  I take pride in doing good work and want to try harder and be the best as I can.  That is all well and good, but it kept me from actually selling anything, believe it or not.  Due to expenses (equipment, software, server, etc.) and NO sales, I didn't get far for a long, long time.  But I did learn a lot and had fun learning.  Oh, and life events got in the way too, with my kids growing up, getting remarried, moving, etc.

        Eventually I realized that if you build it, they will NOT come...  Unless you advertise and promote it.  It is the only way for others to know you are out there and to know where to go to find you.  After having several websites, starts, interruptions and do-overs, I have now started to promote and advertise my funny shirts and website.

        Even though I have several domains for ideas and brands to work with, I have chosen MyTeeFunny.com as the main brand and website to begin with, as many of my designs (and other brands) can be under its umbrella.  You gotta start somewhere, lol.

        There is more, lots more of what, where, when and why it took so long, but not here.  Perhaps later in a blog or a newsletter article.  I am just glad of the lessons I learned, the things I had to learn about myself, and to NEVER, NEVER quit and give up on my dream.

        Where you are located?

        Las Vegas, Nevada.  But where is not important as I only have an online store (no physical storefront).  The beauty and ease of the internet and the ability to work with others online allow me to work from home.  But I am still dependent upon my day job for now.  Hopefully I will be able to pursue this full time one day.

        It would be cool to open up a physical "brick and mortar" store one day as well. Especially in Vegas!

          How long you have been in business?

            Since 2005, when I sold my first T-shirt to a neighbor next door.  At that time my online store was BULLSH.com, now it's MyTeeFunny.com.  (BULLSH.com now redirects to MyTeeFunny, btw.)

              Who are the people on your team?

              Me, myself and I.  However, my wonderful wife does assist from time to time.

              Further below is a funny and self-deprecating "About Me" write up.  Enjoy!

                Contact Information

                The best way is to use the site's Contact form, or to email My Tee Funny directly:  Shop@MyTeeFunny.com

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                  A Funny "About Me"


                  The  My  Tee  Funny
                  MANAGEMENT  TEAM

                  WILL THE REAL

                  President & CEO
                  VP & CFO
                  VP & CTO
                  VP & COO

                  PLEASE STAND UP?

                   SSGT Chris Mega Moonshine
                    Kriss Krass Topher

                  Match pictures to descriptions below:


                  President & CEO  (Chief Excuses Officer)

                  By use of CYA Management Methods (Cover Your Ass), the CEO is able to achieve maximum results with minimal impact in the marketplace and for shareholder value.

                  "Through my leadership" said the CEO, "My Tee Funny has increased its market value a billion fold.  Zero multiplied a billion times is a helluva lot of zeroes.  You can bank on it!"

                  VP & CFO  (Chief Fiction Officer)

                  With a Ph.D. (Pretty Huge Debt) in Economics and Finance, My Tee Funny's CFO is breaking fiduciary records daily.  Who wants those old albums anyway?

                  In a forward looking statement the CFO said, "We'll soon release three new financial reports, "Out of Thin Air", "Something from Nothing", and "Cooking with a Book".

                  VP & CTO  (Chief Tasteless Officer)

                  The Chief Tasteless Officer guides and governs R&D for tacky, tasteless and LMAO humor.

                  An outspoken leader, the CTO said, "Reading gossip magazines while watching TMZ for ideas is hard work, but I f**king love my job!"

                  VP & COO  (Chief Oops! Officer)

                  OMG!  Our COO forgot to write something about his Executive position.  Oops!



                  I Don't and Neither Should You.

                  Have fun and enjoy life is what I say.  Why be so Corporate and have more hang-ups than a closet full of suits?  If you can't have fun and laugh at yourself, that's okay...  Others will do it for you.