Funny Shirts Matter!

My Tee Funny offers funny shirts and other gear from ideas and designs created by me, the owner, for nearly 20 years.  If it makes you smile, share it.  If it makes you laugh, buy it!

Who I am

Passion for things Tech, funny shirts and figuring things out.  Served in the Marines and later worked in Silicon Valley.  Experiences as a Father, Scoutmaster, Coach, Marriage (and divorce) led me to discover the one true "Element" which combines Life, The Universe and Everything together:

BULLSH - IT's the element 'BS' in the Periodic Table of Life.

While I won't be getting the Nobel Prize for discovering BULLSH, my tireless efforts for creating funny stuff (I hope) can always be found here at My Tee Funny.

How did you start?

In 2004, my nephew was in High School and wanted to make some shirts for his designs he called "Bugzillion".  I suggested he register the domain and sell them online.  He didn't know how, so I registered it for when he was ready to get started.  It didn't happen.  (I still have the domain, just in case!)

Later, it got me thinking about selling online and so on.  In 2005 I came up with the idea of "BULLSH - IT NEVER STOPS" and registered the domain BULLSH.com.

After several websites, starts, interruptions and do-overs (Life Happens), I started My Tee Funny and everything is now under it's umbrella, including BULLSH and other brands.

Where you are located?

Las Vegas, Nevada.  The "where" is not important as I only have an online store (no physical storefront).  The beauty of the internet and ease to work with others online allows me to work from home as time permits.  (Yes I have a day job, lol.)

It would be cool to open up a physical "brick and mortar" store one day as well.  Especially in Vegas!

How long you have been in business?

Since 2005, when I sold my first shirt to a neighbor next door.  At that time my online store was BULLSH.com, now it's MyTeeFunny.com.

Who are the people on your team?

Me, myself and I.  However, my wonderful wife does assist from time to time, as she rolls her eyes and shakes her head...

Contact Information

The best way is to use the site's Contact form, or to email My Tee Funny directly:  Shop @ MyTeeFunny.com

Social links

My Tee Funny is on several social networks for you to keep in touch and follow the MTF brand.  It is greatly appreciated when you share and post about MTF shirts and gear, as well as your experiences, reviews AND pictures of you wearing them!

As My Tee Funny joins other social networks, this list will be updated:


The  My  Tee  Funny




SSGT Chris Mega Moonshine
Kriss Krass Topher

Match pictures to descriptions below:

President & CEO  (Chief Excuses Officer)

By use of CYA Management Methods (Cover Your Ass), the CEO is able to achieve maximum results with minimal impact in the marketplace and for shareholder value.

"Through my leadership" said the CEO, "My Tee Funny has increased its market value a billion fold.  Zero multiplied a billion times is a helluva lot of zeroes.  You can bank on it!"

VP & CFO  (Chief Fiction Officer)

With a Ph.D. (Pretty Huge Debt) in Economics and Finance, My Tee Funny's CFO is breaking fiduciary records daily.  Who wants those old albums anyway?

In a forward looking statement the CFO said, "We'll soon release three new financial reports, "Out of Thin Air", "Something from Nothing", and "Cooking with a Book".

VP & CTO  (Chief Tasteless Officer)

The Chief Tasteless Officer guides and governs R&D for tacky, tasteless and LMAO humor.

An outspoken leader, the CTO said, "Reading gossip magazines while watching TMZ for ideas is hard work, but I f**king love my job!"

VP & COO  (Chief Oops! Officer)

OMG!  Our COO forgot to write something about his Executive position.  Oops!



I Don't and Neither Should You

Have fun and enjoy life.  Why be so Corporate and have more hang-ups than a closet full of suits?  If you can't have fun and laugh at yourself, that's okay...  Others will do it for you.